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Support from businesses is very important part of fundraising for Gisda. This is a rewarding experience for businesses and employees who also contribute to their community. Employers can also engage in Corporate Social Responsibility schemes.
Corporate fundraising can be diverse and exciting and there are many ways in which businesses can help – these are just a few:

  • Payroll Giving – see below for more information
  • Charity of the Year Sponsorship
  • Volunteering staff for Gisda fundraising events
  • Sponsored events
  • Match-funding fundraising events

Payroll giving is simple to run, flexible and a great way for staff to give to charity through PAYE. People who receive their company/personal pension through PAYE can participate too. With deductions made before tax, each donation goes that little bit further – adding to that feel good factor of helping Gisda through the workplace.

For example, it would cost an employee who pays tax at the basic rate of 20% just £8 to make a £10 donation to charity. And it would cost an employee who pays tax at the higher rate of 40% just £6 to make the same sized donation.

The deducted money goes to an Inland Revenue-approved Payroll Giving Agency, such as the Charities Aid Foundation, and they do the rest – sending the donated monies direct to us.

You can find out more about Payroll Giving and approved agencies on the HMRC website.

Alternatively, head straight to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website for more information on their Give As You Earn scheme.

You can download CAF’s Give As You Earn payroll guide and donor form here:
CAF Give As You Earn – payroll guide - click here
CAF Give As You Earn – donor instruction form - click here

We value your support so please help us to provide a better life for our young people and get in touch today.

GISDA would like to thank everyone from the business sector who have supported us and continue to support us to this day.

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