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Mentro Mlaen is a 3 year project to offer support and help for young people to feel confident to move on to employment, and in doing so live independently. By being part of the project we hope that young people will feel more confident, get access to work, and through this enable them to move on and live independently.

We aim to do this by offering:
• Activities
• Accreditations
• Support
• Set-up Social Enterprises
• Work related skills workshops

In addition to this, the project also offers a Therapeutic Intervention aspect. This will support young people to improve their Confidence and Self-esteem, by offering a wide range of activities, tailored to the individual needs.

The project aims, to provide access to work placements, work experience and volunteering opportunities for young people, and much of this will be done by working with local agencies, and by offering opportunities within the Project itself. We are working to establish Social Enterprises during the course of the project, as means for young people to gain workplace skills, and experience that will prepare them for future employment.

Currently GISDA has developed three Social Enterprises that the young people can be a part of, with more ideas currently being developed:

• GISDA’s Cleaning Company
• Te a Cofi Café, Caernarfon
• Cinematic

By working with young people, to establish, run, and promote these Social Enterprises, they will gain ownership of the enterprise, and the skills and experience that they would gain by doing so, can be transferred to other work areas.

For more information contact Nia Griffith on 01286 671153 / Nia@gisda.co.uk

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