'Mentro 'Mlaen


‘Mentro ‘Mlaen is GISDA’s newest project that will operate from August 2014 to 2017. The aim of the project, is to arm young people with skills, and in time develop their confidence, to enable them to move from support to employment.

The project will provide a range of appropriate and relevant activities to develop skills for the workplace – e.g. Time Management, Communication, Problem Solving, and specific workshops on how to apply for posts, with support. Many of these activities will result in accreditations by working with ‘Agored Cymru’, and we are confidence that this will contribute towards improvements in young people’s self-confidence.  Hand in Hand with the activities and training, and as a result of some activities, ideas for social enterprises will be nurtured and developed when appropriate, in partnership with the young people, and offer work experience, volunteer opportunities, work locations to help them on the road to go from support to employment.

In addition to the support to get access to work, there is another important element to the project, the Therapeutic Intervention. Through a Therapeutic Senior Worker, we will be trying and relieve some of the issues  that affect young people, through therapeutic services such as Mediation, Anger Management workshops, Intercession and so on, we’ll support the personal development of a young person.

By fulfilling all of these aims, the hope is that young people will gain skills and experiences that will enable them to live independently.



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