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‘Mentro ‘Mlaen is GISDA’s newest project that will operate from August 2014 to 2017. The aim of the project, is to arm young people with skills, and in time develop their confidence, to enable them to move from support to employment.

The project will provide a range of appropriate and relevant activities to develop skills for the workplace – e.g. Time Management, Communication, Problem Solving, and specific workshops on how to apply for posts, with support. Many of these activities will result in accreditations by working with ‘Agored Cymru’, and we are confidence that this will contribute towards improvements in young people’s self-confidence.  Hand in Hand with the activities and training, and as a result of some activities, ideas for social enterprises will be nurtured and developed when appropriate, in partnership with the young people, and offer work experience, volunteer opportunities, work locations to help them on the road to go from support to employment.

In addition to the support to get access to work, there is another important element to the project, the Therapeutic Intervention. Through a Therapeutic Senior Worker, we will be trying and relieve some of the issues  that affect young people, through therapeutic services such as Mediation, Anger Management workshops, Intercession and so on, we’ll support the personal development of a young person.

By fulfilling all of these aims, the hope is that young people will gain skills and experiences that will enable them to live independently.



Mentro Mlaen is a 3 year project to offer support and help for young people to feel confident to move on to employment, and in doing so live independently. By being part of the project we hope that young people will feel more confident, get access to work, and through this enable them to move on and live independently.

We aim to do this by offering:
• Activities
• Accreditations
• Support
• Set-up Social Enterprises
• Work related skills workshops

In addition to this, the project also offers a Therapeutic Intervention aspect. This will support young people to improve their Confidence and Self-esteem, by offering a wide range of activities, tailored to the individual needs.

The project aims, to provide access to work placements, work experience and volunteering opportunities for young people, and much of this will be done by working with local agencies, and by offering opportunities within the Project itself. We are working to establish Social Enterprises during the course of the project, as means for young people to gain workplace skills, and experience that will prepare them for future employment.

Currently GISDA has developed three Social Enterprises that the young people can be a part of, with more ideas currently being developed:

• GISDA’s Cleaning Company
• Te a Cofi Café, Caernarfon
• Cinematic

By working with young people, to establish, run, and promote these Social Enterprises, they will gain ownership of the enterprise, and the skills and experience that they would gain by doing so, can be transferred to other work areas.

For more information contact Nia Griffith on 01286 671153 / Nia@gisda.co.uk


The project has established 3 Youth Centres especially designed with young people in mind. The centres are located in Caernarfon, Blaenau Ffestiniog and Pwllheli.

Young people are welcomed to pop in anytime the centres are open to relax, take part in activities or for a chat with our Project Worker about the project, and how you can get involved.

Locations and Opening Times

Blaenau Ffestiniog:
Yr Hen Co-op, 49 Stryd Fawr, Blaenau Ffestiniog, LL41 3AG
For more information on activities and opening times call Anna on: 01766 831260

Canolfan Ty’r Ysgol, Penrallt, Caernarfon, LL55 4UE
For more information on activities and opening times call Sion on: 01286 672045

CIP Pwllheli, 8 Ffordd Caerdydd, Pwllheli, LL53 5BY
For more information on activities and opening times call Gavin on: 01758 228008


As part of the Mentro Mlaen project a varied programme of activities is in place for young people. The activities are for developing skills, building confidence and self-esteem, but above all, by having an enjoyable learning experience.

This page will be being updated regularly, with the range of activities that’s on offer. For further information about these activities contact your local Mentro Mlaen Youth Centres (see contact details on the Youth Centres page).


27 May

2 nights residential in Ty Newydd Llanysyumdwy – therapeutic session, work place skills and fun activities.

Click here for more info


3rd of July
Hike up Snowdon.

To register to take part in these activities, contact us on 01286 671153


You don’t have to be already receiving support from GISDA to be part of the Mentro Mlaen project. It is a project that’s available to young individuals between 14-25 years old that needs support to gain access to employment.

You can become a part of this project by filling out the referral form below and sending it to Nia@gisda.co.uk or calling in to see a member of the Mentro Mlaen staff in one of the Youth Centres.

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