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A's Story
When Rhieni Ifanc Ni met A for the first time she was working unsociable hour’s i.e late nights/early mornings. As a single parent, she found it difficult to find childcare for her 3 year old son due to the hours as well as not knowing her working hours week by week. “At the beginning (when we first met) I felt so low and alone. I was so anxious about everything” She felt the chaotic work pattern was affecting her mental health as well which resulted in her not being able to deal with practical day to day tasks. As well as this, A suffered from anxiety and low confidence which created barriers in getting on with daily tasks. Initially, A was in a great deal of debt which was progressively getting worse, she refused to take part in social activities and only wanted to meet at her home or in familiar cafes where she had an idea of who would be there.

With support, she started taking part in a 6 week course, called STEPS, aimed at developing her confidence and self-worth. This gave her the opportunity to challenge her self-beliefs in a safe environment as well as developing her confidence by learning a new instrument and learning to drive. As a result of the intense support of the project and the STEPS course, she was able to seek relevant support from other services such as De Gwynedd Domestic Abuse and Social Services.

“I definitely see a difference in myself. I can talk about my problems. I’m not scared to ask for help. I’m also out of the house more.”

Since completing the course there has been a noticeable difference in A as she has taken part in group activities which has given her the opportunity to meet new parents as well as giving her confidence in going to new places.

“I’m a lot more confident and I’m able to socialise more. I see things differently now, it’s as though I see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In addition to this, A has become more ambitious and is focusing on bettering her own and her son’s life. “I’ve definitely spent more time with my child doing different things because of the project”. She felt that having a peer mentor as a support was a huge help “It’s been great to talk with someone of the same age who has a child, to discuss different things and to be made to realise that I am a good mother. Going out shopping has also been a help!”

When asked what has been the best thing about receiving support from Rhieni Ifanc Ni A says, “The STEPS course and that Rhieni Ifanc Ni have been there for me step by step. The support helped me with what I feel I really needed”

Lyndsey’s Story
When Lyndsey came to the Rhieni Ifanc Ni Project the past was a worry for her and she found it hard to go back into work. The project referred her to GISDA’s Counsellor and Lyndsey believes that this has helped.

She was also referred to Want to Work and Careers Wales that motivated her to try for new jobs. GISDA supported her to go for interviews by paying for child care costs, and the child is enjoying visiting the nursery as he gets to communicate with other children.

By now the Lyndsey has started work – good luck to her in the future.

Kate's Story
When Kate came to Rhieni Ifanc Ni vising the job centre was a very big worry for her and she wasn’t receiving the correct benefits. After working with a member of staff Kate is receiving income support.

Kate was pregnant when she came to receive support and with the staff she filled in a Sure Start grant application to receive £500 to buy things for the baby. She was referred to GISDA’s floating support as they concentrate on housing matters with her.

Since being part of the project Kate believes her confidence has grown. The staff still has to contact people on her behalf such as the doctor surgery but she has developed to be more independent as she’s sorted her antenatal classes herself.
















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