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The statistics for the first period of the Rhieni Ifanc Ni has shown very positives results to the support that’s on offer to the young parents. During the first months of the project 32 young parents had support, 30 were female and 2 were male. This is a client centred project the feedback they receive from the young people is a very big element of the project.

In order for the project to get feedback regarding the support and service available, they asked the young parents to answer a few questions. Here are some of the results from the questions:

• 85% agreed that the project had raised the parent’s awareness of the services in their community.
• 90% agreed that since being part of the project that they are more confidence to join other activities in the community
• 85% believe they’ve developed new skills during the project
• 85% seen an increase in confidence during the support
• 80% believe they feel more healthy physically and mentally since been in contact with the project
• 55% believe they have a better relationship with their child.

The opportunity for parents to give feedback ensures that the project offers the highest quality of service and support. As noted earlier we do ask for feedback during the support but the project will be asking for a more formal feedback at the end of the support. The result of this feedback will be available at the end of the project’s first year.
Here are some quotes by some of the service users when we asked for feedback:
“By getting motivated to access services I feel that there is less of a barrier for me”

“Appreciated that the project worked around my needs which was good as this suited me”

“It was useful having someone pro-active to support me I making changes as well as doing practical thins such as completing forms and supporting with phone calls. These are things I can do but would not always get round to it. Have a social chat – having someone there to listen and support me. This helped cheer me up and also encouraged me to do things”.

“Feel that my confidence has improved since starting the project i.e. by being supported to joining the gym. This has helped bring down the barriers of accessing services”




















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